Handmade Shoe Store and Reparation

Peporro Botos (High Boots)

This artisan keeps on doing his traditional making of high boots and country boots with multiple orders to all Andalusia and also to foreign countries. Although there were a lot of artisans like this one before, nowadays he is the only one who continues doing handmade tailor shoes.

In the 50’s he worked in the handmade shoe store which owned the Vázquez family in the street Fuente, in the establishment that occupies today the Pizza shop “la Fontana”. In this shoe store there was forty craft shoe makers and they used to go out travelling on themselves to sell them. He achieved to have more than 3000 pieces ready to be sold.

The development of the 60’s and the general industrialization of Spain made this kind of handmade manufacture almost disappear, due to a higher competitiveness. By then, he settled up and continued doing traditionally this kind of footwear.

He usually makes one piece per day, previously ordered and tailor-made. He obviously does not have any kind of machine being the whole production by hand. He makes high boots of colt’s haunch, horse riding veal high boots, brown high boots and black high boots.

His customers encompass a high spectrum, from Germans, Swiss, and professors, but overall, its main customer is the world of bullfighting. Here have come to order and seize their boots the Domecq, Jesulín de Ubrique, Parriqui, Marujita Diaz, the Osborne family, the Buendía family, etc…

In terms of the projects of future, “Peporro” is pessimist as he manifests that this profession is going to disappear and nobody in his family wants to continue it.

Address: C/ Rafael Bernal, 15

Benalup-Casas Viejas City Council

C/Cantera, s/n

11190 Benalup-Casas Viejas

Telephone: 900 71 35 70 - 956 42 41 29

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